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“If only everyone worked together effectively, we would be so much more successful.”

Unique Approach - Consistent Success

We look at business in a totally different way. We don’t look at business as projects and budgets, but rather as a systemic inter-relationship of human behavior - behavior, that when understood, can be managed to radically change how you work, optimizing the performance.

-- Strategy execution through executive intent

We avoid being involved in “fire-fighting”, but preferably, building “sprinkler systems”. Rather that concentrate on the individual projects, we concentrate on identifying and improving the systemic, cultural, organizational, or behavioral characteristics that impede effective delivery of business value through information technology, leveraging your existing wealth of talent, and getting everyone making decisions for the same reasons and in line with core decision values.

-- Turning executive intent into action.

Our track record speaks for itself. With over $1B in tangible, measured savings delivered, and a clientele that includes more than a dozen Fortune 1000 companies - including 5 Fortune 100s - and as small as start up organizations, we can bring real value, in very short timeframes, to your organization.

Where the Value Comes From
“More shareholder value has been wiped out in the past five years as a result of mismanagement and bad execution of strategy than was lost through all the recent compliance scandals combined.”
-- Booz Allen Hamilton survey

“It is surprising how many executives don’t know exactly how their business units create value.”
-- McKinsey Survey

Which Way Should We Go?

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We’ll help you find the path, and drive increased business value along the way!

Strategic Planning and Follow Through

Quick, concise, actionable - strategic planning is the foundation to establishing business direction .... and the appropriate operations and technology  - enabling the business to drive to their future and succeed in their goals.

Follow Through - where the real value lies

But unless the organization can effectively execute this strategy, the value is not there.

This is where we can really help.

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Executive Intent

More than any one factor in a business’s life, the values which guide how they make decisions are more important than almost any other factor.